She Loves Collective 2017
February 10-12

Thank you to all our supporters for making our three-day event such a success! 


The She Loves event is a three-day art installation which will evoke an emotional response to the questions of LOVE. The collection of works will include fine art, photos, video installations, performance, writing, and other forms of cultural expression. There will be art for all the senses—from the eyes and ears to the tactile.

She Loves is an all-encompassing assemblage of multimedia art, all based on the affairs of the heart. It will be held where the pulse of the Los Angeles art scene throbs and creative spirits converge, Downtown Los Angeles.

She Loves is about how we love and are loved, coming together to celebrate the enormity of being more than ourselves. It harnesses the power of the many and the unity of the collective. It exalts the us instead of just the I, which essentially brings wholeness to the meaning of love.

If you would like to learn more about The She Loves Collective and its scheduled events, shows, and workshops, please contact us.