Sally Hewett

sallyhewettI graduated from the Kent Institute of Art and Design with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art in 2003. I have exhibited at various venues in the UK, the USA and Italy, including The National Open Art, Chichester, SHE, curated by Sweet’Art, London, Stitch Fetish, Los Angeles, Feminist Fiber Art. Boston, EroticaMENTE, Milan, In Absentia, Turin. My work has featured in The State of Art: Sculpture and 3D, vol. II, published by Barehill, London, Sometimes Beautiful, edited by Michael Beam, New York, and in various on- and off-line magazines, including Textiel Plus, The Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan. My work has been bought for public and private collections including the Norfolk Museums textile collection and the Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park.

I’ve always found human bodies intriguing. Even as a child I was fascinated by my own and other people’s bodies.

I like how a body distributes its fat reserves – the more fat a body has the more inventive ways it finds to store it. I like how bodies show their history and how particular occasions leave their mark on the body – stretch marks, scars, spots, veins – the body as a documentary. I’m also interested in how people change their bodies either by diet, exercise or by more radical solutions – surgery, fillers, tattoos, botox, etc.. The marks and changes made according to a conscious and planned decision – the body as a novel.

In making the things I do I am investigating ideas of beauty, ugliness, disgust etc., and trying to unpick these terms and the influence they have on how we see things and how we interpret what we see. How do the materials and techniques I use, traditionally associated with gentility and respectability, change how the content of the work is seen?


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