The She Loves Collective

The She Loves Collective is an alliance of female artists who share a strong belief in the power of art to create social change and transform lives—the lives of artists who create works as well as the lives of those touched by their works, in turn creating art anew.

The Collective seeks to organize and support events, exhibitions, and workshops that empower and showcase new, as well as established artists, making their voices heard and their work visible, while always testing the boundaries of medium, expression, and creativity.

The She Loves Collective aims to inspire and awaken the inner creative in us all and promote love in all its myriad manifestations, from love of self to love of others, whether romantic, sexual, sisterly, fraternal, cosmic, or familial—love extending across species and time, creating spaces and places of kindness, caring, and creativity in a world in dire need of just these…

The She Loves Collective resonates as a global sisterhood of artists, writers, and performers creating connections through participatory projects and emphasizing the transformative capacity of artistic expression.

We hope to continue introducing art—and love—in all its forms, to audiences within non-traditional sites and venues, establishing new relations between art, artist, and audience that are more expressive of the real, often tumultuous, natures of life and love.

She Loves plans to take over spaces—public and private—with love and light, showcasing honest cultural expression to our audiences, with exciting and experimental works.

Members of our Collective are a confluence of artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, each with their own stories to tell. For our first major event in the Los Angeles area, these stories, whether told via fine art, photos, video installations, performance, writing, or other forms of cultural expression, are going to be all about love.

The She Loves Collective event will be a conflagration of love, exploring and depicting its diverse manifestations and implications. Love is a subject that inspires and elicits feeling across the gamut of human emotion, and can be expressed in every medium imaginable.

Although the first She Loves Collective exhibition will showcase women artists exclusively, the power, passion, and purpose of the theme transcend gender. She Loves is not only about the inner power of women within the arts, but about how we love and are loved, coming together to elevate the enormity of being more than ourselves, harnessing the power of the many—the collective— thereby carrying us instead of just I, which essentially is the meaning of love…

If you would like to learn more about The She Loves Collective and its scheduled events, shows, and workshops, please contact us.